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Closeup Photo of Ichihashi Distinguishing Marks / 2channel Latest

In an unfortunate repeat of the words stated at the top of the previous entry (July 31), there have been absolutely no developments since the reward campaign announced at the end of June (see June 29th entry). That doesn't mean that the case has been forgotten or that this blog has ceased operations.

I'm not sure when it was updated, but I noticed that the Chiba Police site now provides a closeup photograph with arrows indicating the two moles on Lindsay Hawker murder suspect1 Ichihashi's left cheek. I had mentioned in footnote 7 of my June 29 entry that the moles weren't visible on the wanted poster (or in other photos for that matter), but the image at right clearly shows what to look for. However, judging by how small they are they could easily be concealed by makeup.

Although there hasn't been any legitimate news since the summer, discussion on message boards such as 2channel (see Wikipedia's explanation of the service here) continues at a regular pace. While many of the comments are ridiculous, and sometimes offensive, it shows that the case is still in the public consciousness.

A selection of recent comments from a thread entitled 「市橋達也(英リンゼイさん殺害犯)を探し出す」("The Hunt for Tatsuya Ichihashi [Lindsay Hawker's Killer]"):

Oct. 7: There have been cases in the past where suspects hid out in Osaka2 until the statute of limitations ran out.

Oct 23: I think the reason they can't find him is because someone's harbouring him.

Nov. 9: Stick to his parents' house, his friends and the original crime scene. I would tap their phones, monitor all his parents' bank accounts, seize his computer and investigate any associates he made on the internet. He escaped in sweat pants and bare feet -- he might have forced his way into a nearby apartment and killed the owner (which would be possible if it were a senior citizen or a single woman). That would be his only shot.

Nov. 26: Saikyô Line departing from Shinjuku (Ômiya-bound), 6:01pm train, front car.

Dec. 10: Ichihashi is a totally ugly, disgusting homo killer.

Dec. 11: If he's working or renting a room he must have shown some kind of ID. How's he doing it?

1 Although Ichihashi is the prime suspect in Lindsay Hawker's murder, the official crime he is listed as being suspected of is "illegal disposal of a dead body," which is often the first charge in a murder case.

2One previous theory was that Ichihashi disappeared into Osaka's Kamagasaki flophouse district. Please refer to April 10th entry.

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