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Ichihashi in Shinjuku's Gay Quarters?

There haven't been any developments whatsoever since the push for further action at the end of June (see June 29th).

I recently came across a citing for an article that appeared in a June edition of Shûkan Gendai, one of Japan's many shûkanshi (weekly magazines), which posits the theory that Ichihashi is hiding out in the gay quarters of Shinjuku's Ni-chôme district.

It appears that Japan Today has recently translated the piece as part of its "Shûkan Watch" column. You can read the article and accompanying comments here.

While these magazines often contain a combination of outrageous gossip and legitimate news, a story like this without one source cited is hard to take seriously. Nonetheless, it's another theory as to how a man could so completely disappear.

Also interesting is the mention of as yet unseen elevator footage (see May 16th) of Ichihashi and Hawker as they went up to his apartment.

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