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Ichihashi's Book Published Today in Japan

A quick post regarding the surprising news that Lindsay Hawker's killer Tatsuya Ichihashi has written a book about his time on the lam.

Released today by publisher Gentôsha, the tome is entitled 「逮捕されるまで 空白の2年7カ月の記録」("Taiho sarerumade - Kûhaku no 2-nen 7-kagetsu no kiroku," "Until I Was Arrested - Diary of a 2 Year and 7 Month Gap").

Japan Probe may have been first to cover the news in English, including a video of a recent TV segment on the remote location Ichihashi hid away for part of his escape from justice.

The Japan Times also published an excellent article by Jun Hongo today, which you can read here. Very interesting are details on the initial minutes and hours after Ichihashi's barefoot escape from the police.

The book's release is being well covered in the western media as well (Google News search results for "Tatsuya Ichihashi book" here).

As more details come to light, this case furthers its reputation as one of modern Japan's most baffling.

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