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New Ichihashi Photos & Wanted Poster

Apologies for not posting this news when it broke on Friday June 27th.

The investigation headquarters of Gyotoku Police (Chiba Prefecture) have released two additional photos of Lindsay Hawker murder suspect1 Tatsuya Ichihashi, which also appear on a new version of the wanted poster.

The photo on the left appears to be either a newly created composite showing Ichihashi with dyed blonde hair, or an already existing photo with heavy retouching (see left side of face). The photo on the right appears to be an older image, perhaps a purikura photo (see borders in upper and lower right corners) without retouching.

Police have announced that the offer of up to a one millon yen reward (approx. US$9,400) for information leading to Ichihashi's arrest established one year ago (see the June 29th 2007 entry) has been extended for another year. A new, more eye-catching wanted poster has been created featuring the two photos above.

(a high resolution PDF version of the poster can be downloaded on the police site).

As of the end of May, police have received 4,572 tips nationwide. This means there have been approximately 1,464 new tips since the previous wanted poster (please see the March 17th entry), featuring conceptual images of Ichihashi in radically different disguises. As with previous wanted posters, an A4-sized flyer has also been produced and is being distributed.

1 Although Ichihashi is the prime suspect in Lindsay Hawker's murder, the official crime he is listed as being suspected of is "illegal disposal of a dead body," which is often the first charge in a murder case.

Article Source: Yahoo! News Japan, June 27th 2008, 3:39pm (Tokyo). Originally appeared on Mainichi Shimbun (MSN portal) on the same date. Unfortunately there is no guarantee as to how long original Japanese language articles remain archived online for free.

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