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Lindsay Hawker T-Shirt Campaign

I just came across an article on Arudou Debito/David Aldwinkle's site regarding the news of a T-shirt campaign underway to keep the Lindsay Hawker case in the spotlight here in Japan (where, as I mentioned in my previous post, it's fading from view).

Caroline Pover has created shirts in various sizes and styles which feature the image of suspect Tatsuya Ichihashi and the words 「捕まるまで 眠れない」(roughly "I won't be able to sleep until he's caught"). Pover's site explains it further:
The Japanese words on the T-shirt roughly translate to ‘Until this man is caught, I won’t sleep at night’, which can be interpreted in many ways: perhaps you are that bit more nervous at night knowing this man has not been caught; perhaps you are a father and worried about your daughter; perhaps you are a husband and worried about your wife; perhaps you want to make a statement against all violent crime against women. For men and women, Japanese and foreign, this T-shirt can have many meanings.

To order, please visit her page on the Café Press online shop here.

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