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30,000 Wanted Posters of Hawker Murder Suspect Posted Across Japan

30,000 wanted posters of Lindsay Ann Hawker murder case suspect Tatsuya Ichihashi were distributed to police stations and other locations across the country on April 6. Ichihashi is wanted for illegal disposal of Hawker's body, which was discovered at Ichihashi's condominium in Ichikawa City (Chiba) on March 26th.1

The posters are being displayed in train stations, banks and convenience stores, appealing for information from the public. So far 209 phone calls and 43 emails have been received, but no arrest has been made in the case.

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Translation of Wanted Poster:

Help Find a Criminal!
Wanted For Illegal Disposal Of The Body Of A British Female Teacher2
Warrant For The Arrest Of Tatsuya Ichihashi
28 Years Old
180cm (5'11") Tall
Slim Physique
Single-edged eyelids (see Wikipedia article)
Prominent Lower Lip

If you have any information regarding the case of the British female teacher 3 whose body was found on March 26 in Ichikawa City (Chiba), please contact the police.

Gyotoku Police, Chiba Prefecture

1 Although Ichihashi is the prime suspect in Lindsay Hawker's murder, the official crime he is listed as being suspected of is "illegal disposal of a dead body," which is often the first charge in a murder case.
2 ibid. Please excuse the wordy translation.
3 Hawker's name is not mentioned, only that the victim was a "British Female Teacher". This is not unusual for a wanted poster.

Article Source: Yahoo! News Japan, April 7th 2007, 10:33am (Tokyo). Originally appeared in Mainichi Newspaper (text not available online).

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